Troy Melville

film and photographic artist

Troy Melville is a Tasmanian based filmmaker who has directed and/or produced documentaries including Testing Taklo and the series Alive & Kicking for SBS, Andrew, sauveteur de Baleines en Tasmania for France 3 and Les échouages de baleines en Tasmanie, for Thalassa Cable. Troy was the associate producer on StormsurfersDangerous Banks, produced for Discovery Asia, and a cameraman on the theatrical feature Shadow of Doubt and the series Aussie Lobster Men.  Troy worked as an ABC Open Producer in Southern Tasmania and had a key role on a range of art projects, including The Happiness Project and Portraits of Invisible People for Kickstart Arts, was the collaborative filmmaker with artist Fiona Foley for the films Vexed and Bliss (which is on permanent display at the MCA in Sydney) and was the media director of Dying to Tell, which was displayed at the Australian Regional Arts Conference. Troy has recently completed three short films, Milaythina Rrukani, Blood of Life and Taxi Music.  Troy’s company Move Media is an end-to-end video production service that creates compelling and innovative promotional, corporate, brand, broadcast and documentary video.

Contact Troy (mobile) 0438 459 131   (email)


selected films

Milaythina Rrukani – Language of the Land

Short documentary commissioned by Wide Angle Tasmania/Tasmanian Community Fund (2022)

Good Smoke, Bad Smoke

TVC commissioned by QUIT Tasmania/Tasmanian Aborignial Centre (2022)

Blood of Life 

Short film – the poetry of pura-lia meenamatta (Jim Everett) reflects his philosophy on the connection between country, place and all-life. (2016)

Taxi Music

Short documentary commissioned by Kickstart Arts (2016)

Dying to Tell

Art installation (2015)

Unsung – Remote Rubbish 

Short film produced while at ABC Open as the Southern Tasmania ABC Open producer